My poetry collection Meteorites is published by Whitmore Press and can be ordered here:  https://whitmorepress.com/titles/

This blog has developed into a place where I can let people know about my publications, readings, and new projects. It started out, however, as a record of my PhD research on Tarkovsky (which comprised a poetry manuscript and a critical essay toward my creative writing thesis) and a place to describe some of my research trips and writing residencies. In 2015 I was awarded a PhD in Writing at the University of Queensland, Australia. My advisers were the poet Bronwyn Lea and the poetry critic Martin Duwell.

I am currently a co-editor of  Foam:e online poetry journal:  http://www.foame.org


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Meteorites cover image by Mark Walker.



[The current header image on the blog is my own photo of “The Dog” or “The Coffee Pot”, a type of rock formation known as a ‘rauk’, off the island of Fårö, Sweden.]

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