Issue number 15 of Foam:e online poetry journal is now published.

Foam:e, which comes out every March, is co-edited by Angela Gardner and by me; a good place you may like to start might be our current Editorial.

This issue includes the work of around 20 poets, and everything is accessible for free. Poets include Jill Jones, Stuart Barnes, Shriram Sivaramakrishnan, Rose Hunter, Mark Prendergast, Les Wicks, Zenobia Frost, Ali Znaidi, Elaine Leong, David Stavanger, and many more.

As well as poetry, the issue contains a number of reviews including two that I have written: a piece on Andy Jackson’s new poetry collection, Music Our Bodies Can’t Hold, and Jonathan Hadwen’s book of vignettes, All That Wasted Heat.

I am also very pleased to say that the featured interview this issue is one I conducted with prolific poetry critic and editor, Martin Duwell. Duwell’s Australian Poetry Review website recently reached 1 million views, no small feat for a poetry criticism blog run by one writer (who is also, predictably, an extraordinarily devoted reader).

This new issue of Foam:e has seen us move platforms, so thank you for bearing with us while we ironed out a few formatting niggles at the start of the month.

That said, we’re pleased to say that all the past issues are viewable on the new site now, too.

Enjoy this avalanche of wonderful new poems.