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A promotional photo of Anatoli Solonitsyn as Andrei Rublev

I was surprised to find this picture while browsing Tumblr.

Those who have read a little about the film Andrei Rublev may know that there are two distinguishing characteristics of how the main character is presented: the footage featuring Rublev is always in black and white (the whole film is monochromatic until the final scenes which show the paintings in colour), and he is never seen actually painting. Is he ever seen with one of his works? I think in the episode ‘The Last Judgement’ he scrapes back flakes from a small painting he intends to paint over, but certainly there is never a moment of him using a paint brush, or standing in front of a finished work (as we see Boriska with the bell, for instance).

So, when I saw this promotional picture – in colour, with Rublev in front of his work – I was stunned! I will have to research more about how the film is presented in its promotion as opposed to just in the production itself. Obviously, representations I thought were ‘off limits’ are nothing of the sort.

Here is another photo from the same shoot.